Halloween is just around the corner, and here at Twinkledust HQ, we think its really important to create a little outfit for Halloween that you can also wear after the event too!  We have designed these leggings slightly differently to give a feel of freedom so they look adorable but are also super comfy to wear! 

When ours were little we used to get so worried about them wearing floaty polyester costumes when trick or treating because tea lights in pumpkins are such a worry! 

As they were young, and even now they are a little older, they had no real awareness of danger, all they could see were more sweets at someones door and the lit pumpkins are just really fun things to look at, they would take their sweets and scramble the fastest they could to the next front door! and quite rightly, without a care in the world.

So, we put our heads together and designed a pair of leggings that have a Halloween feel, paired with a black t-shirt it makes the perfect, and much less dangerous, costume!  Made from 100% super soft cotton they not only feel good but look good too!  They start at age 0-6m, because why should the littlest ones miss out on the fun at nursery or playgroup?  Now, you can be rest assured they will be comfy all day!!

How many times have you bought an outfit only to be told 'Mummy I don't want to wear it now its too itchy' well these super soft leggings will feel lovely against the skin so you will have no worries about that! 

When Halloween is over these little leggings can be put in the draw and worn again an again.  They are the perfect Autumn colour too!

These leggings aren't just for Halloween they are for the season! 






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