It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

21st November 2018

…nearly! With just under five weeks until Christmas now is the time that I am starting to think about it! To be honest with you if I had it my way I would be starting at the beginning of November but I am not allowed!


Its such a magical time of year and especially with children to see their little faces light up and get excited it makes me even more excited than I usually am! My two year old, Ella, walked through a shop yesterday and suddenly shouted ‘Santa Claus’ I was absolutely baffled that she knew what Santa looked like and who he was but she did! And she was just as excited as me about it! My poor husband not only has he had to live with my Christmas excitement for 15 years he now has 3 ladies in the family that have the bug! This Christmas is going to be so amazing! Now Ella is at the age that she understands (not all of it) but she is starting to! Alicia will have just turned four and she is just the Christmas girl all over! Hmm I wonder who she gets it from?

One of our new Christmas traditions will now be waking up with our twinning pyjamas on, these pyjamas are super soft and made from 100% cotton. They feel lovely against the skin! They come in Adult, 6 month – 4 years old pyjamas and 0-12m sleepsuits! Why not take a look.


We also had the lovely My Baba write a piece on the cosiest winter pyjamas, it features our Little Star pyjamas and our Choo Choo Bear pyjamas take a look at it here. Take a look at our range of pyjamas they are all super soft and made from 100% cotton! Now its time to get on with my Christmas shopping I know what will be going in my niece and nephews Christmas Eve box!