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Traktor Kontrol S3 Dj Controller

Traktor Kontrol S3 Dj Controller

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A professional mix, anywhere. The Traktor S3 with KRK RP5 G4 Studio Monitors bundle helps you create you own professional DJ setup. Also included are XLR cables to connect the monitors immediately and HP-210 headphones for monitoring your mix before performing to the masses! The Traktor S3 provides DJ performability that s as powerful as it is portable. The Traktor Kontrol S3 is a streamlined DJ controller that s ideal for venues big and small. No matter where the booth may rest - your best mix yet is assured. This is thanks to the range of different control functions - each one as focused as the last. Redefining the industry level for studio monitors. The KRK RP5 G4 Studio Monitors are engineered to deliver the best listening experience possible. Boasting the same quality that made the previous generation so integral to your studio, the RP5 G4s still manage to work in new features. Matching Kevlar drivers ensure durability and unwavering quality, while a built-in LCD displays EQ information for incredible visualisation.

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