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Transom Window Fan White

Transom Window Fan White

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Transom is the result of a complete re-imagining of what a window fan should be. The air chamber abundantly draws fresh air from the outside in — or reverses electronically to exhaust stale air out. Powerful airflow circulation and comfort at half the height of conventional window fans, Transom is easy to install, blends elegantly into the space and preservesyour view. Transom seals off windows 26 to 40 wide with the patented Soft-fit System that provides a sleek, satisfying and snug fit from end to end, without having to remove your screen. Transom – a new kind of window fan. s signature vortex action Powerful air circulation draws fresh air in from outside or exhaust stale air out of the room. Electronically reversible With one button, quickly transition the airflow from fan to exhaust. Perfect fit Designed for use with single-hung and double-hung windows with an opening at least 8′′ tall. For horizontal installation only. Simple installation with soft-fit foam blocks Seals off windows 26 to 40 wide without having to remove your screen. 4 speed settings and auto temperature control Maintain a set room temperature. A remote control provides additional convenience.

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