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Tree Defender & Potted Plant Protector 48-Inch, Green

Tree Defender & Potted Plant Protector 48-Inch, Green

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Christmas Tree Defender solves the age-old problem of keeping small pets, especially cats that can t help but be attracted to Christmas trees as a play zone and scratching post, out of the tree and harm s way. Christmas Tree Defender is also extensively used to prevent your pets from digging and damaging your Potted Plants. Designed for easy installation hidden at the base of the tree, Christmas Tree Defender is reusable year after year and adjusts to protect all sizes of artificial and real trees as well as potted plants. Christmas Tree Defender s barrier restricts pets from climbing into the tree, and in doing so helps prevent the tree from being knocked over and breaking lights, ornaments and household items caught in the path of falling Christmas trees. Keeps your cats and small pets away from harm. For installing on Christmas trees, it is IMPORTANT to conceal and camouflage the product in the tree at least 2 inches behind the branches and cut any overhanging part if required. For installing on potted plants, please cut and adjust according to the size of your potted plant.

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