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Trio+ Band Creator & Looper Pedal

Trio+ Band Creator & Looper Pedal

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Leave the band at home and just pack them away into your board case with the Digitech Trio+! The Trio+ is a highly intelligent device that listens to your playing and automatically generates bass and drum parts to match your song! Just plug your guitar into the TRIO+, press the Band footswitch to teach the TRIO+ your chords and rhythm, then press the Band footswitch again to start playing with your own personal band! Bass and drum levels can be adjusted for the perfect mix using the TRIO+ s Bass and Drums knobs. The TRIO+ also features a Simple Bass button lets you select between 3 bass line modes for busy or simple bass lines. Pushing the Band Creator paradigm further, the TRIO+ also allows you to loop and custom sequence your looped guitar parts to create full songs on the fly. Press the TRIO+ s Looper footswitch to record a loop along with an unlimited number of overdubs. The Loop level can be individually controlled using the TRIO+ s Loop knob. Loops can be recorded by themselves, operating just like a traditional looper, or along with the band. You can also apply built-in effects to your guitar signal by enabling the TRIO+ s Guitar FX button, or connect your favorite effects to the TRIO+ s FX Send and FX Return jacks.

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