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Tripp Trapp High Chair Complete - Black With Nordic Grey Cushion

Tripp Trapp High Chair Complete - Black With Nordic Grey Cushion

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The Tripp Trapp Chair made its debut in 1972 and has been going strong ever since ( calls it a chair for life for a reason). Devotees love the iconic Scandinavian design that s highly functional and looks great with your grown-up décor. This ingenious chair brings your baby right up to the table to join the family meal, or you can use the removable Tray. The intelligent, adjustable design has both depth-and height-adjustable seat and footplates for comfortable and ergonomic seating position at any age. The footplate effectively brings the floor up to your child, allowing for greater balance, comfort and freedom of movement. The Tripp Trapp High Chair Complete also comes with a cozy Cushion and Baby Set featuring a five-point harness and extended gliders to provide support and stability for babies starting at six months. Norwegian manufacturer makes the chairs from high-quality wood with an attention to craftsmanship (this one is beech wood). The Tripp Trapp is a sturdy piece of furniture—it holds up to 242 lbs—and it s hard for a child to tip, even for toddlers who are climbing in and out of the chair on their own.

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