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Trough Elevated Dog & Cat Feeder, Teal, Standard

Trough Elevated Dog & Cat Feeder, Teal, Standard

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PROMOTES HEALTHY EATING - Specifically designed for flat-faced dogs and cats, this elevated feeder lifts your pets bowl off the floor to minimize neck strain while making it easier for them to breathe during their meal. ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The elevated bowl has an ergonomic design to support your dogs natural eating motion, keeping less food from falling out of the bowl and all over the floor. LESS MESS & EASY TO CLEAN - Both pieces are dishwasher safe. Non-slip feet help prevent the feeder from sliding around the floor during meal times. Includes a silicone insert that is food safe and easily removable. SIZING - The feeder can hold up to 2 cups of food at one time. The base of the bowl (where the food is placed) is 5 inches from the ground. Dimensions: 7.25 x 7.5 x 10 inches. BPA Free - Non-Toxic - Vet Approved - Food Safe Included Components: food bowl, insert or slow feeder, feet for under the legs

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