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Truly Me Kitchen Set For 18 Inch Dolls

Truly Me Kitchen Set For 18 Inch Dolls

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Lets get cooking! From baking a pie or pizza to whipping up weekend brunch, this dream kitchen has everything a doll needs for prepping, storing and serving up culinary creations. Premium features: The oven has color-change technology that bakes a pizza or a pie, plus a timer that dings when its done! A refrigerator with an icemaker that dispenses ice cubes and makes sounds: pouring water and ice cubes falling into a glass. Plus, the light turns on when the door is opened. A stove with four burners—each makes a different sound—and a stand mixer that really spins! Includes: Ideal island: Little chefs will love the counter work area, sink, and storage shelves underneath. Kitchen fixins: A fried egg and six eggs in a carton; a frying pan to cook bacon and eggs; two slices of bacon and a bacon box; a box of pancake mix and a short stack of pancakes with a pat of butter; a bottle of syrup; a butter dish; a bowl of lemons; a cheese grater and a cheese wedge to grate over pizza or pasta; a bag of salad and a bottle of dressing; a pie pan to bake a lemon meringue pie; a pizza box plus a pizza pan and cutter for a frozen pizza; a lemonade pitcher; a jug of milk; four ice pops and an ice pop mold; a towel; and a floral apron plus a matching hot pad for getting food out of the oven. All the accessories: A stock pot to cook soups or stews; a place setting for two including two plates, two forks, two spoons, and two knives; two drinking glasses; a mixing bowl; a spatula, whisk, and mixing spoon set; a set of measuring cups; a set of measuring spoons; a kettle to heat for coffee or tea; two spice jars; a salt and pepper grinder; a flour and sugar container; a rug; a pad of paper for grocery lists; and a meal-planning calendar.

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