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Trx-1 Handheld Dmr-Mototrbo Digital Trunking Scanner

Trx-1 Handheld Dmr-Mototrbo Digital Trunking Scanner

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The TRX-1 Handheld Digital Scanner Radio is a multi-system adaptive trunking scanner capable of both DMR and Motorola TRBO. This scanner has all Canadian and US frequencies pre-programmed on the SD card, so it s ready to go as soon as you get it. The TRX-1 is simple to use and features a multifunction keypad and a PC program for customization. It has a virtual scanner mode that is capable of storing 200 scanner configurations, and it s capable of monitoring NXDN. This handheld digital scanner allows recording by scannable object, and it automatically saves recordings into a Windows-compatible file with added date and time info. The Skywarn/Weather button provides quick and easy access to storm and weather frequencies. In addition, this model is equipped with s unique Spectrum Sweeper, a search function that quickly finds transmissions from nearby sources as well as a programmable visual and audio alert system. The TRX-1 has fast and easy location-based programming, is capable of detecting and masking encrypted voice data and decodes radio ID and Talkgroup ID data. This scanner comes with an antenna, MicroSD card, belt clip, USB cable, protective case and user guide.

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