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Ts Touchscreen Espresso Machine

Ts Touchscreen Espresso Machine

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The Caf TS makes it easy a touchscreen espresso machine that reliably creates perfect barista quality espresso and delicious coffee specialties. This compact machine features a 15-bar stainless-steel lined ThermoBlock heating system. Built to be energy efficient, it heats water immediately before brewing and then delivers perfectly brewed espresso, while producing consistent high-quality steam for preparing lattes and cappuccinos. The intuitive touchscreen interface comes with four preset buttons for brewing espresso (single or double) for steaming milk for flawlessly layered latte for a light layer of milk foam for cappuccino or for hot water for an Americano or tea. Place ground coffee or a pod into the portafilter, touch the desired button, and then the caf TS will quickly brew your beverage of choice. The illuminated touchscreen also includes an on/off button, with 30-minute auto-off to save energy. Compact size for apartment dwellers, or to be tucked in a corner of the counter in the kitchen or home coffee station. 15-bar stainless-steel lined Thermo-Block heating system.For perfectly brewed espresso, plus steam for lattes and cappuccinos. Intuitive, illuminated touchscreen interface. Brews from ground coffee or pods. 50-ounce removable water tank. Auto-shut off to save energy. Compact design, with stainless housing and black accents. Coffee scoop/tamper included. 11.75x 8.75x 10.25. Electrical Requirements (Volts/Amps):120V.Weight (lbs.):9 lbs.

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