Twinkledust Christmas Gift Guide

10th November 2020

Twinkledust’s Christmas Gift Guide


We know only too well its overwhelming looking for gifts as there are so many websites out there with so many products. How do you find what you want without spending hours online? Well now shops are closed we thought we would help you with our very own gift guide to give you a few ideas

Twinkledust is a small family business created by two sisters. It is truly made in Britain. All their collections are made from super soft 100% cotton by a team of lovely ladies! Even the gift boxes are made in Essex! Bows and bracelets are handmade at Twinkledust’s HQ.

Take a look at some of the lovely gift inspiration below!

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Pop The Polar Bear Sweatshirt     


  1. Twinkle Sleigh Pyjamas

Adult – S/M M/L                            £35.00

Childrens – 6 Month – 7 Years      £25.00

Sleepsuit- Newborn – 12 months £18.00

2.  Large Bow                                        £5.00

3.  Christmas Gift Set                          £35.00

(Includes pyjamas, a bow and a bracelet)

4.  Gift Box                                             £5.00

5. Little Star Pyjamas

Adult – S/M M/L                               £35.00

Childrens – 6 months to 4 years     £25.00

Sleepsuit                                              £18.00

6. Deer loungesuit                                £30.00

7. Pop the polar bear sweatshirt        £20.00

8. Pop the polar bear leggings            £15.00

9. Pop the polar bear lounge suit        £30.00